Londyn’s Butterfly Birthday Cake

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet little cousin, Londyn!



Remember my butterfly baby shower cookies? I copied the design from those here.





Maddeline’s Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to my mother in law! It was really special to celebrate her birthday this year, just two weeks after my husband donated one of his kidneys to her. What an amazing Christmas gift, birthday gift… well just a great gift in general!  Both of them are doing great. Our family is very happy and blessed.

M zebra cake

Jordan’s 14th Birthday Cookies (and my 150th Post!)

Apparently the cool thing to do once you’re too old to take cupcakes to school for your birthday is to take cookies instead!  I think this is such a fun way to celebrate and share a treat with friends.  Happy birthday Jordan!

P.S. 150 posts?! Amazing. May have to make a special celebratory cookie when I get to 200. 🙂

Madison’s Chevron Birthday Cookies

Madison is next to join the TEEN club! I hope her 13th birthday party is fabulous and that these cookie favors add a nice touch to her event. Thanks to her mom, Melissa, a longtime friend and fellow baker, for asking me to make these!

Here is the party invite that I used for inspiration:

More Onesie Cookies

Special thanks to LaTina Lancaster, not just for this order but for being the person to inspire my cookie decorating obsession! She asked me to make onesie cookies for my friend/her cousin Sonya a few years ago and it was the beginning of something truly amazing.  That one cookie challenge turned into my absolute favorite hobby and a side business! Pretty cool.

And adding to the cool factor, these cookies were for her sister’s baby shower and her sister is having a  BOY and is naming him LANDON! I love it.  🙂