Speed Limit 55th Birthday Cookies

Love this design idea that Nichole requested for her mom’s 55th birthday. No Limits!


55 no limits


14 thoughts on “Speed Limit 55th Birthday Cookies

  1. These are too cute! I have an idea why wait until my whole birthday when we could celebrate my half birthday! 🙂 61 1/2 has a nice ring to it! LOL When you were in college you sent me a half year birthday card, that was so cute and thoughtful. Anyway, Happy 55 to Nichole’s mom!

  2. I’m interested in ordering the Speed Limit 55 cookies (No Limits!) for my brother’s birthday next month. Is that possible? Please let me know, they are so just perfect!

  3. I would like to order some Speed Limit 55th cookies for my birthday. How long does it take to get them? Diane

  4. I am interested in ordering these for my boyfriends dad’s birthday party! I was curious if that is possible? The price and if you would be able to ship them?

  5. I am interested in ondering these for my husbands 55th Birthday (the 55 no limit cookies) but I would like more details please. I will need to know price and how long will it take to get. I loved these I am really interested in them.

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