Austin’s Super Mario Cake

I’ve been wanting to do a video game themed cake for a while now so I was thrilled when Austin requested a Super Mario cake for his 6th birthday.  I made all of the decorations with royal icing.  Thanks mom for the figurine that worked perfectly as a cake topper!


6 thoughts on “Austin’s Super Mario Cake

  1. My son loves this cake! Would it be okay for me to copy some of it for his upcoming birthday party? Also, what decorations are on the back and unseen side of the cake? It it absolutely adorable!!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Sure, use it for ideas as much as you want! Let me see if I can dig up some pics from the sides and/or back of the cake….

  2. How did you make the royal icing decorations? Did you make them then stick them on the cake? I’d love to know what else you have put on the back too. This cake is a work of art and I will never beat it but my boy wants a Mario cake and he doesn’t like fondant icing so I have to try to make something.

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for the compliments. The decorations were transfers. So I printed pictures out and placed them under wax paper, then traced them with royal icing. Once they were set (the next day) I carefully removed them and “glued” the on the iced cake with a few dabs of icing. I will look for some pics of the back to post as well…

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