Just Cookies

I’ve been having a cookie affair for a few years now.  Cakes and cupcakes are still fun but cookie decorating has revealed itself to be my true love. In baking anyway!  I love rolling the dough and using cookie cutters. I love all of the mini works of art and the chance to try different things on several cookies as opposed to the one shot deal of a cake.  I love packaging them in cute little bags and tying the ribbons on them.  And I appreciate that delivering them is so much less stressful than delivering a cake!  And might I add- they are delicious! 🙂

Last week, I was at dinner with my fabulous friends Treci and Che and I was explaining all of this to them. I said that while I will always make cakes for my family and closest friends, if I had a fairy godmother grant me a wish it would be to open a little cookie shop.  I said something like, “You know how so many people opened shops and just sell cupcakes? I want to do just cookies… What would I call it?” They both said, “Just Cookies!” Just Cookies by Sweet Ang.  Hmmm….

No, my fairy godmother hasn’t arrived and “Just Cookies” is not opening (yet) but I was playing around on the computer and made a collage of a few of my favorite cookies and it was natural to use it as the picture title.  I guess you could call it the beginning of a dream. Maybe someday…….



4 thoughts on “Just Cookies

  1. I love the name Just Cookies!!! You should consider getting your business name setup with the city. Get some business cards made and start a webpage of all of your designs. Start out at some flea markets, trade shows, and parties and see where it takes you. You definitely have a talent and I know making cookies is a lot of hard work but you are really good at what you do.

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