Autumn’s Hollywood Bridal Shower Cake

I am so excited about this cake- it was made for my sister in law! She is getting married next month and I can’t wait for the wedding.  When one of her bridesmaids told me they were planning a Hollywood themed bridal shower and they wanted me to make the cake, I was thrilled. I wasn’t sure what design I was going to do but when I saw the invitation I knew- I had to make that bride!  I thought the invite was so cute and perfect for Autumn.

I made the top half of the bride out of royal icing a day before making the cake.  When it dried I drew the face on with edible pens and piped “BRIDE” and the tiara and necklace on with butter cream. I added the ring “award” with butter cream as well with a little edible glitter on the diamond.  The dress is butter cream covered with white sparkle gel.  The red carpet was cut out of a sugar sheet.

Here is the beautiful bride to be with her cake. The shower was awesome.

I can NOT wait for the wedding! Have I mentioned that? 🙂


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