Landon’s Mickey Mouse Cake

It’s hard to believe that the kid who broke my “one and done” vow has now been here for two years.  I look at him all the time and just think about how he wasn’t “supposed” to be here but I am SO glad that he is. What a blessing! I love having TWO boys more than I ever imagined. And now my second boy is TWO.

When Austin turned two, he wasn’t all that into any particular character or theme so I took advantage of being able to choose the birthday theme that I wanted (baseball) with the plans of letting him choose when he was older (which I’ve followed through with).  No such luck with Landon. I had an adorable Cookie Monster cake design in mind but he fell in love with Mickey several months ago and it was just the obvious choice for his birthday cake.  He loves any and everything Mickey!

Mickey is a frozen butter cream transfer which I love doing for characters.  The base of the picture is done on a board with a coloring sheet as a guide, then it’s frozen and transferred to the cake and the details are added afterward.  I attempted the “Disney font” for the first time.

The cake is Neapolitan.  I couldn’t decide on a flavor so I went with three. 🙂

Happy birthday Landon! As Mickey would say, “Everybody say cheers!”


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