Morgan’s Princess Tiana Cake

I was really excited about making this cake.  I love The Princess and the Frog. This was my most difficult frozen butter cream transfer to date but I was happy with it.  I added the details to her tiara, dress, and face after I transferred it to the cake.  Hope the birthday girl liked it!

See the tiara cookies that went with this cake 🙂


3 thoughts on “Morgan’s Princess Tiana Cake

    1. Sharon- It is a frozen buttercream transfer. I printed a picture in reverse, taped it on a cutting board and then covered it with wax paper. Then you trace the picture in black icing, fill it in with whatever colors you need and cover it with the same icing color that you will use for the cake. You freeze it for several hours and then transfer it to the cake. It “melts” into the cake in a matter of seconds/minutes. I add smaller details after the picture is on the cake. There are some good tutorials and videos online if you want to try it. It’s an awesome way to make character cakes. 🙂

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